Our Philosophy

We believe that treating a patient is not just a matter of addressing their medical needs. Patients with cancer need more than direct cancer treatment. At HVOS we attempt to address needs such as nutritional support, immune function support, mobility issues, and emotional support for the family unit.

We also believe that pet parents need more than medical options and a financial estimate. Finding out that your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is tough to hear. All sorts of emotions and concerns surface. We promise to deliver news compassionately and honestly. We will answer all your questions as many times as you need to ask them. If you need more emotional support or guidance than we can give we work closely with a local social worker to help us all with this.

We firmly believe that the health of any business is deeply entrenched in the well-being of its team. We consider it a privilege to be able to contribute to our team’s well-being by paying well above industry standards, respecting and encouraging time off, acknowledging the emotional challenges of caregiving, and offering financial assistance for mental health support if not covered by health insurance.